How to Grow Hair Faster With Vitamins

Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth!

Results vary with every individual. Here is what some users have reported:

  • Fast hair growth of 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch per month with consistent use of vitamins for hair. A few have reported in excess of 1 inch per month. This is approximately double the normal growth rate of 1/2 inch per month. Most people will see some results within 30-45 days, however, some customers have reported seeing results (generally improved hair texture and manageability) as early as two weeks.

    This is not surprising as it is exactly what vitamins for hair are intended to do: pick up the slack of your diet. By making the body healthy, you have a much better chance of seeing fast hair growth and nails.
  • Stronger hair. Most people report stronger hair with the consistent addition of the nutrients found in vitamins for hair to the diet. This is a major benefit to those who receive chemical services. The stronger the hair is prior to a chemical service (i.e. color, relaxers, perms, highlights, etc.) the better the end result will be.

    There will be
    less damage and or breakage as the strengthened hair follicles can better withstand harsh chemical treatments.
  • Greatly Improved skin quality. Many users report more healthy, clear skin after just a few days of use and phenomenal results with prolonged use. The amino acids and niacin combined with a proprietary blend of other ingredients in particular are very good for the skin. Nzuri Elixir Hair vitamins is packed with nutrients that not only make the hair healthy, but are also great for the skin and finger nails. Again, it all goes back to supplementing the diet with extra vital nutrients. Couple that with liquid form and you've got a winning combination.
  • Fast finger nail growth. Finger nails and toe nails rely on many of the same nutrients that the hair does. So introducing more nutrients to increase hair health can also increase nail health as well. So vitamins for hair not only work to promote healthy, fast hair growth, but also to make the skin, and finger nails healthier as well. Many report seeing longer nails within 30 days and stronger nails within just a few days.
Nzuri will aid in your obtaining longer, stronger, healthier hair. Stop searching for how to grow your hair longer or how to grow your quicker or even how to get longer hair the buck stops here!


My hair has always been extremely slow to grow and gets easily damaged.
I was skep
tical but when I saw this I figured I'd give it a try. I was shocked because it really works! I drink an ounce every day and now my hair's been growing great!Even my hairstylist noticed and asked what I was doing different becausemy hair was longer and healthier than ever before.

I even put it on my skin and within a week I had a healthy glow and improved complexion. It tastes great but does leave a bit of an after taste so sometimes I'll add it to juice. And as with any high potency vitamin you don't want to drink it on an empty stomach. I drink it at the end of the day. Christa Oyer's Read more...

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